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LED Display Screen and LED Light Manufacturer in China

This company is a leading Chinese manufacturer of LED display screen and LED light products. The LED lighting we provide includes our LED street light, LED flood light, LED tube light and more, which are ideal for either indoor or outdoor lighting. Our LED displays include advertising LED display screen, rental LED display screen, and other indoor and outdoor LED screens which are extensively used in countless applications, including advertising, traffic, and the commercial and sports industries. They also can be mounted in stadiums, football fields, squares, along road sides, on stages, and more.
Our talented engineers and technicians are engaged in optical design and analysis, thermal design, intelligent control system design, etc. Through their efforts, we are able to develop and introduce hundreds of types of new indoor LED display screen, outdoor LED display screen, LED street light, and LED tube light products to our customers.
We also take a series of measures to reduce our production cost so as to attract more clients. We acquire raw materials and components in bulk to meet large production capacity requirements and also to reduce procurement cost. A scientific enterprise management system and special marketing method help to reduce our management cost and marketing cost. In addition, most countries have no tariff barriers on LED light and LED display screens.